The Pope's RP Rules

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The Pope's RP Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:47 pm

Basic Server Rules:

1. No cheats, hacks or exploits of any kind!

2. Follow instructions given by the respectable Admins, Moderators and Staffs.

3. No flame wars or spams! (This includes VOIP/microphone comms)

4. No teamkilling!/RDM!

5. No false accusations! (if you lie about another player to get them kicked/banned, you'll be banned instead.)

6. No griefing/minging! (if you intentionally or willfully disrupt gameplay, to the point that other players cannot participate the game... you'll be banned.)

7. No racism! (any racial remarks or distinct hatred displayed against one another will be found punishable by bans.)

8. Respect everyone on the server.

9. Admin's Word is final, You have the right to go against and Post on the forums.

Role-Play Server rules:
You're a part of the Republic. Act like one!

1. Follow the ranking system in the server to listen to your assigned squad/platoon/fireteam/company leaders.

2. Never solo or rambo. By which we mean running off alone and fight your own war.

3. Communicate with one another, especially when we do an event or a specific role-play.

5. Confirm targets, then fire. DO NOT kill everything on sight. This is mostly dependent on the situation.

6. Salute all Commissioned Officers (check the rank roster if confused).

8. Do not ask for a promotion. The admins will promote you when they see fit. Ranks are earned, not given.


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